Nigerian Food For Pregnant women (To Lose Weight)

Good day eya,
I must say I really enjoy your blog especially the mouth watering recipes, but please I have a small request.
I am preggers at the moment and would like if you can provide detailed nutritional Nigerian food time table, if possible per trimester, so as not to "gain weight".
Thank you . 
Best regards to your family (blog and personal).
I gained a lot of weight from my first from
65kg-90kg,although I now weight 79.5kg, I honestly don't want a repeat of such magnitude. I definitely will gain but not the one it's a struggle to lose. 
Thanks again.


  1. Hi,congrats on your pregnancy. Pregnancy weight gain is unavoidable because your baby needs to grow. it's not all your body weight, baby weight, placenta plus yours combined. If you avoid carbohydrates, you won't gain weight but your baby needs and your muscles too. I'll advise you to put baby first at this time. Eat less carbohydrates and you won't gain too much but what about cravings? Will you ignore?
    Make some sacrifices just for these few months and once baby arrives, do whatever it takes to drop the excess weight ok? Motherhood is not easy but everything is possible. It's a struggle but you can lose all if you put your mind to it.

  2. Anonymous7/19/2016

    Go on a high protein low carb diet. If you want to eat carbs do complex carbs like wheat, oats, brown rice. Then eat fruits with low sugar and vegetables and you should be good. Then also exercise (walking, light jogging, maybe lift some weights if you can manage). Just don't eat junk and try as much as possible to eat most of your meals by 4pm and if you are hungry in the evening please keep it light to fish or vegetables or fruits. If you do that you should be fine. This is what I did and I only gained about 6-7kg which i lost immediately the baby came

  3. I'm guessing you don't struggle with morning sickness, if not that would lead you to loose a good amount of weight in the first trimester. Which is what you will gain back for the rest of your pregnancy (story of my life).

    I will suggest you make an effort to watch over-eating, try to work on cravings and move away from the mindset of "ooh i'm eating for two." Also, try to do light exercise like aerobics at home. You can go to youtube, there are alot of pregnancy exercise videos there. Finally, lemons and cinammon powder (you can buy it in the spice section of a supermarket)are great for reducing cravings I wish you all the best.
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    1. Pls cinnamon isn't healthy for pregnant women, could lead to miscarriage

    2. Anonymous7/09/2017

      Cinnamon isn't healthy when pregnant, can cause miscarriage

  4. Anonymous7/19/2016

    Medically,a woman with a normal pregnancy should gain @ least 12kg before she gives birth.the 12kg is a combination of weight of amniotic fluid,placenta,d pls be careful not 2 starve d growing baby of vital nutrients as this helps 2 improve brain development and development of other parts of the with ur obstetrician to guide you properly.cheers

  5. Adding weight during pregnancy is very normal, the main thing you should be looking out for is how healthy you and your baby is. I'm a mum of three and I had my 3 kids within 4 years, so you can imagine, I still lost the weight or rather am still losing it.
    So please eat well but more of fruits and veggies.Congrats in advance.


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