Ogbono soup
An appetizing serving of light ogbono soup.
Ogbono soup can be cooked light, thick with mush ogbono, thick with much vegetables or light with ugu (fluted pumpkin) or uziza ( hot leaf) vegetables added sparingly. I love everything draw soup but light, a bit watery is my favourite. Give me this plate of ogbono soup with plenty crayfish and pepper this morning and you'll see me push this bowl of cornflakes aside. Why am I even eating cornflakes when Saturday Mornings are for akara and akamu? It's raining and the akara lady might not be there and again, this cough and cold won't let me try home made akara
Ok, back to Ogbono soup. Is anyone cooking ogbono today? I'm preparing to cook the suggested bitter leaf soup for this weekend. Please take a few pics, even one or two is still ok, to share with us.

I like my ogbono soup light just like this but with roughly ground particles of crayfish showing, and
for those interested in cooking draw today, please remember crayfish is one major ingredient, with crayfish alone, even if there is no meat, your soup will taste delicious, try it.

How do you like your ogbono soup?

Ogbono soup image credits: Cook Book Nigeria.


  1. Eya you are wicked, Lol. Why all the different soups on the blog this weekend alone? Now am confused what to cook today.

  2. Anonymous7/02/2016

    I need recipe for oha soup.

  3. Anonymous7/02/2016

    I like ogbono soup without vegetables.

  4. I like mine thick with a lot of crayfish,dryfish,no stockfish and then a mix of uziza leaves and ugwu.

  5. @Anonymous I have my delicious oha soup recipe on my blog here-


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