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Hello, I did traditional Wedding in 2013 but the marriage ended early 2015 and according to our tradition I have to get the dowry I paid back which is 85 Naira..and my former in-laws have refunded it back to my kinsmen which is where it will go....we have parted ways  and I don't even know my ex's where I am planning to remarry, went to make enquiries at the marriage registry and they said I should bring a Certificate of Divorce which I don't have. My ex wife and I were not
married in any Registry, only traditional marrige. I don't know how to get the divorce certificate for them........ What's your advice on this cos I'm confused on what to do. Please guide me.


  1. Your marriage wasn't legal. You don't need a divorce certificate because you never had a marriage certificate. Explain to them that you were not legally married. I hope that helps.

    1. Traditional Marriage is very legal in Nigeria please. Ask any lawyer (especially a lawyer that studied family law). Nigerian law and courts recognise trad mrg. The only difference between traditional marriage and registry marriage is that under trad mrg, a man can marry as many wives as he chooses. With registry mrg, he can only marry one wife.also, he doesn't need a divorce cert. Once the bride price is returned, it is deemed that the ve divorced. But nowadays, you can get a divorce cert from a customary court. So the poster can go and obtain a divorce cert from a customary court. But he doesn't really need one.

  2. Johnson19:54

    * to the government, you are not married - never married!
    * to God/Culture & Tradition - you were married and now divorced.
    They asked you to bring a Certificate of Divorce because you told them you were married.

  3. Belle00:52

    I'm in this same dilemma, about to start divorce proceedings soon


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