I think so. My husband drew my attention to the news on CNN yesterday morning, I listened briefly and told him it's not plagiarism, even asked if it's a crime to get a little help from Google? However, after watching again later in the day, only Lord knows if those similarities are mere coincidence? When CNN placed them side by side, I watched and laughed at Donald Trump's wife and Trump himself because, of all people, it's Obama "they" copied. You know now, how Trump doesn't like President Obama and blacks and he never hides it. For his wife's speech to look like something
Michelle Obama delivered 8 years ago, sorry, whether they agree or not, Melania could have contacted Google perhaps, visited YouTube, Maybe typed in 'Michelle Obama's speech' enjoyed the speech all over again and did some private editing to help herself.
Anyone agrees with me? or, are you guys watching Food Network only to deliver more nutrition to your hubbies?
If you watched this, please share your thoughts...


  1. That wasnt a coincidence at all. Exactly the way Michelle said it. She didn't even interchange the words like put number 2 as number 1. She copy everything as e dey paper. She sabi do expo well well lol

  2. Anonymous7/20/2016

    It's also possible she did it knowingly, just to sabotage her husband's dream of being president. I'm taking it from this angle because I don't think she would have ever thought of doing it with being caught. We are in the age of the internet for christ's sake and the internet never forgets.


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