Beautiful Actress Caroline Danjuma Has Suffered So Much In Her Marriage; Alleged mistress of Musa Danjuma throws new shade at her

Marriage shouldn't be this stressful whether with too much or little money. The happiest years of a woman's life on earth should be her marital years not before. Well, for better or worse we signed! The alleged mistress of Businessman Musa Danjuma is still out bashing his estranged wife, Caroline Danjuma. She threw shade at her via Instagram this morning and categorized her as a side chic turned baby mama, saying she was 'someone's wife for show'. However she quickly took it down but not before we took screenshots. See it after the cut..

When side chicks become too desperate! All they want is to make you leave. May God help Caroline, she's too pretty for all this marriage drama abeg.


  1. Anonymous7/11/2016


  2. One day is for the thief...

  3. Her husband is the cause of all these BS, if he had just respected himself, his wife and his family and sat down one place then this won't be happening. This is what happens when you get married to a dog....i feel sorry for her. No matter what a woman shouldn't go through all these nonsense.


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