When you become sexually active is when to start. Birth control pills are way better than abortion. You know that abstinence is the best. Purity before marriage is what we preach but if you must fall into sin with your fiance, better to prevent pregnancy than abort. Unmarried women can take birth control if they are sexually active. Saying "Thou shall not commit fornication doesn't mean that some "about to wed" are not enjoying their pre-matrimonial  bed already. If you cannot hold body, forget withdrawal because it fails more than it prevents pregnancy, forget oral o, because someone has gotten pregnant through
oral something. Just walk into a Doctors office, even your pharmacy will not ask if you are married, he'll prescribe for you so long as you are not a minor. Illegal abortions, insertion of moringa seed is killing a lot of young women. Use birth control instead.

For breastfeeding moms, your milk will have traces of pills' hormones but that is unlikely to affect the baby sha. Start the pills from the day your period begins, not one or two days after.

The combination pill can be started three weeks after giving birth vaginally. Women who have an increased risk of blood clots should wait for at least six weeks to take this pill.
Women have an increased risk of blood clots if they:
  • are obese
  • had pre-eclampsia
  • are 35 or older
  • had a Caesarian section
  • had heavy bleeding after giving birth
  • had blood clots in the past
  • have a blood clotting disorder
  • need prolonged bed rest
  • had close relatives with blood clots
  • received a blood transfusion during delivery
  • are smokers
The combination pill can be taken right after a miscarriage or an abortion.
If you are still unsure of when to start, watch the video below as  a Medical Doctor explains:

Video credits: Ehow


  1. Anonymous6/21/2016

    Thank you for this post. My fiance has been away for one year. Abstinence is not an option right now after all he has paid my bride price just waiting for the wedding...........

  2. If single ladies take this drugs, by the time they get married, won't it be too much in the system?


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