Hi poster,  I'm really sorry. Your mail was supposed to be published in the morning before your guests arrived, but I forgot, hope it's not too late?

I use Jesus beg you i'm in Britain and i'm having a ton of friends over i grew up with a Nigerian family but i have moved out, so you know we do not do starters its straight up over feed and go home when its a party. i have just boasted about my prowess in terms of cooking which i am confident of but i need ideas for a starter and a main that
packs flavor, desert wise im fine, also chicken in Britain is not as tough as it is in Nigeria so how do i infuse salt into it such that it goes all the way through, i usually rub salt and grill it straight i do not parboil cos i do not want it to fall apart, but it still dosent work.

kindly reply my email as it its urgent thank you very very much.

Kind Regards
i heard about your blog when some blog visitor cursed stella d. out when stella started posting about food, and ive been hooked since then. plus jollof rice is out of the question id rather do white rice and stew.. thanks

pepper soup image credits: cook book Nigeria. 


  1. Na wah for us Nigerians oh, so no one in here serves starters before main course. We all just serve fufu and soup or rice to our guests and then place water and juice on the table. They start with the heavy pounded yam and end with a heavy glass of juice. God help us. AMEN.
    Poster please cook good soft pepper soup and serve as the starter to your rice meal.

    1. If you are serving meat with the rice, make fish pepper soup for starter. If it's fish you want to serve with the rice, make normal pepper soup like the one on this pic or ├Łour make shrimp pepper soup, snail pepper soup, gizzard pepper soup etc.


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