bathing a baby
 This baby is just too cute in that sink. I love love her smooth chocolate complexion. I wish the sharer linked back or mentioned the original poster. I'd love to know who born this little cutie.

This picture was shared on IG and someone left a comment that reads " WTF, IS THAT NOT A WASH HAND BASIN?" I had to bring it here to let us know that it's OK to bathe baby in a clean sink. It's not mandatory for pregnant moms to shop a plastic baby bath tub if one has a clean sink. Yes. we can bathe them in clean sinks and that's even the best tub for new born babies and first time moms who have problems sitting and bending to bathe with the regular plastic tub. It's easier to bathe baby in a clean sink because here  mom stands comfortably and has a better grip on baby while toiletries are neatly arranged on the counter just beside. The only wahala with our Naija
sinks is pepper, we cook and eat too much pepper. There's pepper in every meal except akamu and drinking garri. Most sinks are not properly cleaned and may harbour germs.
I'll advise JJC first time mummies to bathe in the sink but not that type of pepper, palm oil sink o. Remember to place a small towel or cloth nappy in the sink so it's not slippery.

This baby here is having fun, enjoying her jacuzzi.


  1. Yep! I read it in a baby and child care book some years back. The Paediatrician explained that there is no need for bath tub because the sink is a better bath tub, but a mother can still buy a bath tub because of other accessories that come with baby bath tubs like toiletries basin, covered bucket and all that kind of stuff.

  2. All I see is this beautiful baby

  3. How about bathroom sinks? It doesn't have to be in the kitchen na


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