Cute small family, they are so sweet. ...In my next life sha.  #TheCananFamily More family pics after the cut...


  1. If reincarnation is true, when I come back to this world, this is how it will be (minus their problems oh, in case they have any) Just me and my husband enjoying life for like 3 years before pregnancy and even after pregger sef, I will space them and enjoy my life well. Not before one child clocks 2 another is already growing inside ahn ahn, no time to chop life and it's just one life.
    This cute little boy is about two and see his sweet mom still flat, having ll the fun and letting the baby enjoy her too before excessive saliva and raging pregnancy hormones will spoil show for him. Hoping to God that I haven't missed too much in life sha. See cuteness gel on all three of them! Till then.

    1. Lol. Amen o!

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  2. Am wit you on that tots...sometimes I feel kids put couples apart.am here raising my two girls while my hubby is somewhere else hustling to send us money, wat time do I have now to go out wit hubby nd have alone time.....its well sha...next life I won't have kids immediately ooohh.flex well b4 kids!!

  3. Lol aunty Eya funny but true kids are a blessing but sometimes u just feel overwelhmed.

  4. Very beautiful family.

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