Friday, June 03, 2016

My First Daughter Won A Beauty Pageant At School, I'm Worried

Now I'm beginning to understand what patents go through when they have teenage children. I have always been outspoken about parents trying to like "chose" career paths for their kids and will always say " let them decide what they want to do" but now it's my turn to "let them" and it's a bit difficult.
This my first girl is the one I turn to when I can't decide on something. To me she is gifted in that area. Her friends and we  her family know and trust her judgement so well, to me she has never failed when it comes to judging her siblings, saying who is at fault or who is right and wrong. We so love that aspect of her. Intelligence in that area? God just dashed her.

Ok, I won't even be ashamed to say here that once, she observed that even though me and their dad were talking in their presence and acting normal, she called me aside and whispered that she is not a
child anymore, she is a young adult and that she knows all is not well between me and daddy, that she knows we are pretending before them, that she can read me like a book and insisted I tell her what the matter is... that her siblings won't get to know... I had to tell her o, she told me not to worry that she knows how to make daddy talk and after listening to him she'll decide and that the one at fault will apologize in her presence. *Yes ma*

You know, this my 15 year old then, went into the room, shut the door and made her daddy talk.  While still cooking,  she entered the kitchen and told me not to worry that daddy is the one to apologize and that when she brings him to say sorry, she doesn't want me to pretend, that she wants to read me and see that I have forgiven him from my heart.
Next, she walked in with her father and stood there before both of us, once he held me and started apologizing, she walked out and left us to manage ourselves. Later in the evening, do you know that hubby shed tears? he was shocked, that he never thought his small daughter could speak so much sense the way she spoke to him that morning. That he thinks her intelligence is far much more than her age. He kept asking himself.. " So my little daughter can talk to me and bring tears out of my eyes?

Just watching her life, one will conclude she is cut out to be a lawyer #coughs, senior Advocate. We all have always seen that and even told her and she loved it but after winning this beauty pageant for her House at school (She sent me these incomplete half face pictures). She is now talking about modelling and stuff and what? Modelling? I love models oh, but I also think that that career has some kind of quick retirement stuff about it, like after a short period, younger girls come in and ...
She is 16 this year by God's grace, already taller than me and her dad. She's very tall and will look great in a court room.
Not a careless talker, you can trust her with your life!

Please help me pray, that God guides her to follow that path of Law he designed her for.


  1. AnonymousJune 03, 2016

    How do you know which path He (Father) designed her for? A career in law sounds like what you would prefer for her based on your own human wisdom which we know cannot hold a candle to God's. Encourage your daughter to give her life to Him and develop a personal relationship with Him. That is the only way she can fulfil the destiny He designed her for.

    1. DEFAULT SMILEJune 03, 2016

      Looks to me like she has given her life to him (Father) already. How about that?

  2. DEFAULT SMILEJune 03, 2016

    She will be a better model madam, leave her alone.

  3. Please leave her to pursue what she wants and don't force your ideas on her. The best you can do is pray for her that God guides her, she is just 15 she can change her mind at any time

  4. Well...I know a bit of the modelling path even though I am not a model. I have worked in the fashion and media industry for a while now and I know what's obtainable. Being a model doesn't mean she can't pursue an education. Being a model doesn't mean she can't be a lawyer. Check on cassiedaves blog http://www.cassiedaves.com/, she is a model and a medical student at the University of Lagos. She also runs a successful fashion blog as well.
    You know what, these days, youngsters are fast thinkers, the internet has helped them in so many areas and a little girl of fifteen can turn into a millionaire over-night and a very successful one too. These days, you can't sit on your oars and expect just a university education to take you to your destination- you need more. I worked with a media house and I saw teenage girls and boys take summer vacations to work with us on set, many of them had learnt make-up and there's one that could sew very well at age eighteen. I was dazed. When we wanted to do a small traditional shoot, it was her creations that we used and she was just eighteen years old then and a second year student at University of Lagos studying law. Now, she's graduated, she's through with law school and is a pursuing her masters education in Scotland.
    These are the kids of the future so, let them explore all options or else they might lag behind.
    My advice? Don't restrict her. Support her as much as you can and also lay out the cards on the table and tell her your fears as a mother. It's not a thing of weakness to actually tell your kids that you are afraid for them. You have trained her and she'll never forget the family she's coming from and she'll always make you proud.
    Congratulations to her on winning the beauty pageant in her school. She's a very gorgeous girl.

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  5. Lol. She won't disappoint. The beauty about Law is that it aids you in any path you decide to take career wise. Even if she wants to be a model or actress or musician, she needs to get a college education.

  6. I wld be here to welcome her to the Bar

  7. It is a thing of joy. Let her follow her mind but keep on advising, praying and showing her love.

  8. Big congratulations to her there.
    Well Eya today's world needs guidance especially if one is privileged to have 'exposed 'parents who knows the career path to easily break even in today's economy, so my humble opinion is to encourage her and guide her to what will be best for her.
    Good enough she is witty, she has the body and carriage, then encourage her to pursue the two. Who knows she may outgrow her passion for modelling after her adolescent phase.
    Meanwhile kudos to her for her role in making daddy shed 'Those' tears....lol
    Meanwhile come closer *whispering* we are warming up to bring wine and get the list sssshhhh don't tell daddy oo, don't worry we go wait for her.

  9. Just passing by let me branch and say she's gorgeous