Man beat his new girlfriend’s baby to death with a garden chair

Man beat new girlfriend's baby to death with a garden chair

Finley John Thomas was just 17 months old when he died after suffering a fractured skull 

and broken ribs.

Sean Buckley, 28, of Tonypandy, South Wales, had tried to claim the toddler had fallen 

downstairs after

paramedics found the child 

motionless and looking ghostly in colour.

However, doctors later discovered Finley had suffered a severe bleed to the brain and also 

found an older injury behind his right ear.

Prosecuting counsel Roger Thomas QC, at Cardiff Crown Court, described the attack on 


child as ‘deliberate 

and vicious’.


 A 17-month-old baby was murdered by his mother's boyfriend Sean Buckley - and she then lied to cover up the killing, a court heard today(monday). Little Finley Thomas suffered "catastrophic" head injuries after allegedly being attacked by his mother's lover at home. But mother Chloe Thomas, 25, claimed the child had simply fallen down the stairs when paramedics were called to their home. Pictured here are Chloe Thomas & Sean Buckley. © WALES NEWS SERVICE

In his opening of the case, he said: ‘It is very unusual for a child to have the kind of injuries Finley 

suffered as a result of a fall down the stairs.

‘Most falls down the stairs do not cause subdural haemorrhages.’

As well as the murder conviction, Buckley was also found guilty of child cruelty.

And he'll claim he loves her...


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