I don't usually do this but i am genuinely confused about this whole thing. I just got married about 3 months ago nd I noticed something about my husband. Whenever we have a little misunderstanding, he won't eat my food and he stretches it longer by not sleeping in the room and this confuses me because he is just suffering himself, looking miserable and eating junk. Does he expect me to be angry cos he isn't eating my food? Because it honestly doesn't bother me. First time he did it i was
mad because he saw me preparing the food and i asked if he will eat and after i served it he didn't it, what pained me is the fact that i spent so much time in the kitchen to make that meal and the effort was in vain. Now that i have understood his behavior i just ignore him when he does it and everytime I prepare food i ask if he will like to eat, if he says no i keep my food nd go on with my life unbothered. The recent one now has gone on for about four days nd from the second day he has been sleeping in d parlour nd its very amusing to me. Does he expect me to beg him? Cos i have made up my mind to not beg him to eat my food cos it's something i cannot keep up with. I know that if i start begging him now, he will keep doing it nd expect the begging so d quarrel can end. But i want to know, why in d world does he think i will feel bad cos he isn't eating my food? Is he not the one suffering himself? Cos he loves my food nd now he is just smelling the food nd not eating it nd drinking garri morning afternoon and night. Makes no sense to me. Please post eya, I really want to know other views on this incase i am missing something. Thank you

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  1. Lol. Welcome to the club. My husband used to do that and I tell you I did not beg him o because he was doing me a favor as far as I was concerned. One day I playfully told him that when he refuses to eat it's like I'm on vacation because it means no chores for me. That was the last time he refused to eat when we are fighting. I learnt that trick from my mom

  2. Anonymous6/27/2016

    Kikikikikiki. Pls don't start any nonsense begging else I will beg all d days of ur life oh he is keeping malice like Mt hubby? Lol press ignore button! E go soon tireπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  3. Men and their childish behavior,don't beg him to eat but try and talk him out of it when you guys settle.Why quarrel for four days straight??Please sit him down and talk.

  4. Lol.....if a man is really hungry he will eat. Are you sure he doesn't go to the pot or fridge to help himself when are are deeply asleep?

  5. Johnson6/28/2016

    Ladies - men are the first male child you need to manage. Don't let your big son go hungry for too long cos he might get malnourished (lol)
    Poster, it is not healthy to quarrel for too long - 1 day is too long. Don't give room for the devil

  6. Yeah Men are like babies. Needs petting

  7. Go and tell him, "darling am not happy that you are not eating my food. Common baby, you can't stay hungry ,I won't allow that. Whatever was the problem, it's okay. Am sorry if I was the cause." Then kiss him, hug him and hold him by his hand, take him to the dining table and let him eat. That is how we are. I mean all men. Sometimes, we do shakara na. From mother to wife we expect some petting. we too we need to be loved and cared for.

  8. Anonymous7/09/2016

    once you beg you beg for life

  9. No beg u hear, side chick go take care of him, esp. if ur husband get money.. ur own don finish.. if na my type we can go for months, do u prefer he hit u if u f up?


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