Australian woman wakes to python surprise From Lounge room to her bedroom

Snake found in house in Queensland, Australia

A huge snake that has lived in the roof of an Australian family for 10 years has tried to upgrade itself to the master bedroom.
Trina Hibberd, from Mission Beach in Queensland, woke on Monday to find the 5.2m scrub python named Monty stretched from her lounge room to her bedroom.
Monty managed to turn on a light and knock over a lamp before snake-catcher Dave Goodwin arrived.
Mr Goodwin induced the snake to wrap around his forearm before capturing it inside a plastic home-
brewing jug.
Snake found in house in Queensland, Australia
He told the BBC the 40kg snake was "choking [his] arm to death" before he transferred it into the tub.
"When you go near them they have this real deep gurgle in their throat, which means in other words don't come near me," he said.
To encourage the snake to grab hold of his arm, Mr Goodwin first grabbed it near the head with a pair of tongs.
"The tongs won't hold it, it's too big, so I use the tongs to divert its attention and grab it by the scruff of the neck," he said.
"That ensures that the snake lets go of everything else, wraps himself around my arm."