Now we can praise God. Baby arrived yesterday, they are both doing great. See him sucking so wella. She captioned the pic...
 "Meet Ilya Victor. He made an appearance after 10 hours at 3:24 pm.Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. We really appreciate it. Blessings and Love to all of you (kisses).This is baby’s first feeding. It went really well"
I wanted to just stay awake until baby arrives then I decided against the foolishness because... what if baby had arrived but she couldn't update immediately?  So I  went to bed with her in my prayer.  See the big boy after the cut:

Congratulations and welcome to the world sweet baby.
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  1. Anonymous6/22/2016

    Me too Aanty Eya, I kept refreshing the blog to see how far.congrats to her but this baby sha go hear wnhen with over exercise.

  2. Congratulations to her.


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