Why Tyler Perry Sold His Atlanta Mansion for $17.5 Million

tyler perry

The palatial mansion featured 17 manicured acres, a larger-than-Olympic-size swimming pool, an IMAX theater, a tennis court atop a parking deck, and a bedroom with a full-sized tub and massage table adjacent to the 4 poster canopy bed!
But Perry said he gave it all up… for more land.

You heard him: a 35,000 square foot palace on 17 manicured acres of prime real estate in the Beverly Hills of the south just wasn’t large enough for Perry.
The AJC.com reports Perry is building another massive structure on 1,000 acres of farm land in Douglas County, east of Atlanta and smack dab in the middle of the infamous flood plain.
“I wanted more land so I bought more land outside of the city,” Perry told E! News. “It’s the same distance to the studio as my old house, but now I can have horses and pigs and organic vegetables.”

Now we know why he sold his dream house which was touted by his listing agent as “perhaps the most compelling private residence to ever be offered to market in the history of Atlanta.”


  1. Baby Doctor5/25/2016

    He's following Oprah Winfrey's advice- land is the only thing that God isn't making more of, so buy as much of it as you possibly can, wherever you can. It is priceless.


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