So, they finally forced some clothing on her. This pic has been like trending for weeks now and I couldn't bring myself to post it here not because I don't like it but because I didn't know what you guys will say. Some guy has forcefully covered her because the comments were too many. In a
woman's world, there is nothing wrong with it but because men are among women, maybe that's why she's forcefully covered and I blame it all on Adam and Eve. If they didn't eat the forbidden fruit, we'll all be walking about like this "perfect skin" without fear. Honestly, she didn't show any private organ, just that I don't know sha.  But again, to get gold, you have to dig deep and Diamonds are not exposed and scattered all over the place, they are hidden. Precious items are oftentimes, covered, hidden and protected, however, saying that doesn't mean I fault her in any way. She's a adult a married woman I guess, if her husband is like mine, he wouldn't mind if she walks around in a bath suit. For some husbands, this picture is a dead sentence o. Don't try it outside the bedroom.
But come, God can create and craft sha, She is so nude yet so perfect!
The person that covered her up like this must be a real busy body.

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  1. Anonymous5/23/2016

    Trust Nigerians to cover her up. Our men can't stand that. They are so emotionally weak I swear.

  2. Aunty how can you say no PP is showing, The buttocks is not private enough?

  3. I'm old school & I prefer the picture with clothes.


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