Tamar Braxton Fired From Daytime Talk Show "The Real" For Being too difficult to work with

Twitter is buzzing about singer Tamar Braxton getting axed from daytime talk show ‘The Real’ for being too difficult to work with behind the scenes.
According to blogger LoveBScott, Braxton was unceremoniously let go on Friday after her last and final outburst on the set.
Scott says the reason is Braxton “didn’t test well” with the audience and advertisers. But why did it take 2 years for them to figure that out?
The drunk studio singer took to Instagram.com to inform her followers that someone stabbed her in the back.
She gave no clues as to the name of the backstabbing co-host, but she left it up to her loyal
“Tamartians” to name and shame the guilty party in the comments.
Many guess that the backstabber is either co-host Adrienne Bailon orJeannie Mai. But I think it was Loni Love, since Tamar unfollowed her first before she unfollowed Bailon and Mai on Twitter.com.
Or maybe the backstabber is a combination? Who knows.

Below is her post on Instagram: 

tamar braxton
tamar braxton


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