tomato scarcity in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, tomatoes might be more expensive than gold. What is really happening? These are times when most Nigerian women pray our hubbies go do the shopping because no amount of house upkeep allowance will be enough if your family consumes tomatoes a lot; In salads, stews, egg sauce etc.

Why did tomato become so expensive all of a sudden? This rainy season is when there should be tomatoes everywhere rotting in baskets beside market women. What is going to happen in December this year? Then we'll all need tomatoes in bulk for Christmas and New year celebrations? Hope a basket won't sell for hundreds of thousands of Naira oh?  Na small small e dey take start.You know I
learnt something from the "how to preserve tomatoes" post and I thankfully I still have frozen tomatoes in my freezer as I type but I feel for those who buy now and for myself when it get's exhausted. The egusi stew I cooked was meant to suggest ideas to those buying tomatoes at this time because they have no options. Mine is so frozen I'm even scared of touching so it doesn't finish before it's available. I hope I'm not the only one that benefitted from that tomato poster? Did anyone else preserve tomatoes in March/April?


  1. BLOG KING5/23/2016

    Which kain golden? It's Nigerian Diamond tomatoes

  2. I really wish I did too now I regret it its so expensive,my tomato customer said we will soon get more tomatoes by June Inshah Allah but not this fine type again those long ones.

  3. Anonymous5/24/2016

    I preserved a whole basket by freezing since February...i am just lounging now.

  4. No light to preserve it.

  5. Na real golden tomatoes.


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