Good evening madam Eya, please I am a male reader on this your blog , help me post my case so that I could get help from you ladies, I am a father of four kids,I've always taken care of my family but my wife attitudes have changed that as the economy of the country is high and she is doing well in her business,
when ever I have no money and she uses her own to prepare meal she will be talking to me witout respect, and wen I let her know that I am upset on how she does talk to me forgotting that I am her husband, she never even once say "I am sorry" when ever she wronged me, please I am tired of her disrespect. what do I do?


  1. Any man or woman that cannot apologize to their spouse is feeling too superior to the spouse. It could be pride, like her feeling more important than you. I don't know how that is going to change unless she finds Jesus and consciously works hard to change. She may not know that you are taking note of her attitude, arrange a talk with her and pour out your heart. Let her know that you know she has never apologized, she needs to say why it's so.
    You too, oga, do you say "I'm sorry" to your wife?

  2. Baby Doctor5/24/2016

    Dear Poster, please answer Aunty Eya's question. We will know what advice to give from your response.

  3. Hmmmm there should be budget in that house on who will take care of every particular needs. Since she's doing something she can b incharge of kitchen n some other while u take urs like rent,fees. So dt d idea of her using her money n causing disrespect wouldn't come up again. Which on a normal stands it should not cause any problems if she cooks with her money but people varies. Secondly on the SORRY aspects. Seat her down just as anty Eya says and tell her how uncomfortable you feeling with dt behavior. Communicate Communicate n communicate. Is very important in every relationship. It helps a whole lot.

    1. @Brandybless, in future when you want to negotiate budget with the hubby, I won't advise you take kitchen o. That's the most expensive part of a family's budget trust me.

    2. Wowwww...Okay TankU Sweet Aunt.

  4. No woman should ever take kitchen as her own responsibility!Poster,please try and always buy enough imperishable food for the house when you have money,this will go a long way.Talk at length with your wife & make her see reasons especially if you have been a good husband who provides.

  5. Anonymous5/24/2016

    But the money they give us is never enough for kitchen. My feeding allowance has not risen in almost five years of marriage! So kitchen still falls on the woman most of the time.

    I miss my dad. He used to personally buy food stuff; plantain, gari, yam, snails. Mum used to buy too but not as often. Then they rotated the market list for perishable foods and provisions among themselves. Dad will always say we give him the list when it is huge and give mum cheaper lists. Lol. Home management is never easy oh.


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