MY Baby Is Less Than A Week Old And Hubby Is Asking For S3x Already

I have been married for 2 years and blessed with 2 kids. The problem in my home is my nagging husband. He complains about everything. The milk or Milo he bought in the house or the way I talk or the way think. 3 weeks ago I had my 2nd child and before he turned one week old my husband has started complaining that I don't give him attention and that he wants sex. I don't have
anybody helping me. The house help I had was to close to my husband and I wasn't comfortable with it so I sent her away and my husband said no house help should come to the house that I should manage everything myself. Since then if he comes back from work and I say am weak he will complain and say what am I doing that other women are not doing. Recently he went out and came back by midnight Because I was angry my husband has refused to eat in the house. The only thing he says and sing to my ear is that he tries to make us comfortable that other men won't do that. Fellow women in the house. Pls I need advice I want to divorce my husband because I want peace and happiness back in my life. Or should still stay and hope things get better.


  1. If you want to divorce your husband have you thought about the welfare of your kids? How old is your first child? Are you comfortable enough to take care of the kids incase he offers little or no financial assistance when you guys are no more together?

    Has he cheated on you before? I'm afraid that is the only grounds for divorce in a Christian marriage. Although I will personally also divorce a man who beats me physically, before he kills me someday and takes a second wife and my children become slaves.

    If you leave, do you plan to re-marry? Think about al these but in all, ensure you both have solid plans for the kids if there is a divorce.

  2. Ds is not a reason for divorce abeg. Abi u no know d meaning of divorce. Just talk to ur husband and let him know how u feel. Maybe u will even open ur vaginal,so he will see u ave not healed properly. Well difft strokes. My husband will not ave six until d baby is 6 months. My last baby I had to seduced him b4 he agreed at 3 mths.

  3. Johnson5/01/2016

    Things will not just get better on their own neither will divorce give you peace & happiness.
    For our education, the condition that God gave for divorce is not achievable because u must have forgiven more than 70 x 7 times in a day for this to stand! God hates divorce and I beg us not to rush into marriage before we think there's a way out. The way out leaves more scar & it will take God's grace for healing.
    Poster, 2years 2 babies & the 3rd one might come before year 3! There's something called "Family Planning".
    You sent your house-help away bcos she was getting too close to bros? Get another one - if u're not careful, bros will start looking out bcos I see you wearing out quickly.

  4. hello poster calm down first ok? from your story here you don't have a case. if he demands for sex a week after giving birth, pls don't judge him. he has been enduring towards the last stage of ur pregnancy remember?
    ok listen, when men are hungry for sex, it makes them to be tensed up, they use sex to relieve stress. what you should do is try and explain to him that you are still sore from childbirth, then try to touch him so he can ease off.
    coming to house chores, try and buy washing machine if you can afford it. if not don't worry very soon your first child will grow and be of help. take it easy ok? E never reach to divorce biko!

    Say no stretch mark

  5. Please be careful about sex in the early weeks especially if you're still getting your after birth flow. The wound where the placenta was attached hasn't fully healed and you could get an infection.

  6. Please be careful about sex in the early weeks especially if you're still getting your after birth flow. The wound where the placenta was attached hasn't fully healed and you could get an infection.

  7. Anonymous5/02/2016

    The man is looking for excuse to chest. How can he demand for sex one week after child birth? Is he a child or what. It appears you completely depend on him gorgeous everything and d burden to provide is weighing him down. As soon as you have weaned your child enuf pls get a biz started or look for some work even teaching to augment his income. Times are tough and men needs women who can support them financially. Divorce shd not be considered at this time provided he does beat you.


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