Just Married? 7 Things To Do Before You Get Pregnant

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I got pregnant the same month I got married and till date, I still think it would have been nice to wait a little longer before pregnancy. I wanted a baby like, wanted to carry my own child, wanted to shop for baby clothing, wanted to just be called a mum and madam. For those of you also suffering from this baby craze, my advice is to savor the time you have with just you and your husband; before that adorable bundle of joy overtakes both of your lives.
Here are 7 suggestions of things you should do before you get pregnant, and when you are feeling completely
heavy and have swollen ankles and a swollen nose, feeling uninterested in fun things, you will be grateful you did.

  1. Go To The Movies: Yes, now is the time. When you get pregnant, you'll discover it's hard to sit in one position for 20 minutes without standing up to go pee. When the baby finally arrives, you'll discover your movie night just ends in sitting outside and nursing so baby's cry doesn't disturb. Having to change a soiled baby with poop that just bursted through diaper seams and the smell that cannot hide. Now is the time you have to sit close together and watch for as long as you want and talk about the movies for as long as you want.
  2. Enjoy Lazy days with your husband; when you just sit and gaze at the sun and moon and say sweet nothings because, pregnancy and babies have a way of taking that away from you.
  3. Go Out Try New Restaurants; Pregnancy nausea won't let you enjoy these things later on. the food you love most might become your worst enemy.The smell of food will drive you crazy. Your budget then, may not allow for luxuries, when you start shopping for a new addition to the family. Pregnancy comes with more responsibilities and more expenditure.
  4. Go To A Concert And Festival Together: If music is what you and hubby enjoy, now is the time to attend a concert and have all the fun alone. Who says fun is not good? Your favourite band is visiting your city? Go enjoy and bond even more. Pregnancy will make you uninterested, babies will keep you occupied and even when you attend, your time is so divided, you get lost.
  5. Read A Book Together; later you'll be reading bedtime stories for the kids and there may not be time for reading alone with your husband.
  6. Play; Both indoor and outdoor games. Act like kids before you have them. Play, laugh and giggle together. Throw the ball and pillows at each other, win and lose at games with each other. Playtime will not be spontaneous when they start arriving.
  7. Have A Picnic: Enjoy that quiet picnic looking into each other's eyes without turning to check if baby is still there behind you. Honestly, pregnancy hormones can make you detest picnics.
Can you think of other things couples should do together before getting pregnant?


  1. Anonymous5/08/2016

    Buy expensive shoes and jewelry and maybe laces and keep sef. Children can sap one dry mehn. All I do with money now is baby food,clothes and diapers. Hardly see spare money to spend on myself. So indulge in those heavy expenses you will love to have at home especially for your convenience now that there is no child attached. I mean stuff like that ipad you will love to have, that flat-screen TV, an inverter, beautiful chairs in the sitting room, etc.


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