Inefficient Gynaecologist at Crystal Hospital Dopemu, What Can I Do?

Hello aunt Eya,
I want to use this medium to report what happened at the above mentioned hospital located in Dopemu area close to Egbede.
Eight months ago,I had a baby there through CS.I later found out that the gynaecologist didn't do well.when I arrived there,he checked me and I was 2cm dilated and afterward referred me for cervical ripening but he wasn't the one that did the ripening for me .

another doctor came along and performed the ripening even while I was not in labour and there was no issue with me nor the pregnancy ,the baby wass doing well in the womb so I don't know why cervical ripening that lead to rupturing my amniotic sac,while the other doctor did, he cut my amniotic sac which lead to umbilical cord prolapse and CS was done.I was charged 368 thousand Naira for no just cause. several months have passed by,my tummy is still like someone pregnant. I'm not sure if that doctor that operated me is even experienced. 

I went to lay a complain and they told me that I will be charged for consultancy and I asked why?
I am so concerned about my stomach now. What will I do?


  1. Someone please help. Do people pay consultancy fee when they go back to complain at their hospitals?

  2. Anonymous5/25/2016

    Write to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, detailing your experience. They will investigate the matter. Alternatively, you can contact a lawyer who has medico legal experience. See a qualified dr for a second opinion about your tummy.

  3. Yes please see another Dr and lay your complain asap den get a lawyer. Dts my major major problem with private hospitals. All they after is tear someone n collect big money.


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