Court bans 71-year-old woman from marrying her 21-year-old fiancé

A court in Switzerland has stopped the marriage of a 71-year-old woman to her 21-year-old lover, after the pair met online and bonded over their love of rap music.
The great-grandmother, who has not made her name public, said the young Tunisian man first contacted her on Facebook when he was just 18.
“We both like rap and countryside walks. We have the same ideas,” the Swiss
pensioner told national newspaper 20 Minutes
But a civil registry office in Vaud, west Switzerland, has refused the application, judging it “emotional fraud” intended to gain a visa for the young man.
The retired secretary said she quickly fell in love with her younger beau, and visited him inTunisia for five days last August.
“We recognised each other straight away. [...] He took me to his house around 250 kilometres from Tunis, where we shared a room. His family sell goats and sheep,” she said.
“He didn’t want me to leave. I didn’t want to come back to Switzerland, either. He calls me ‘my life’. I can’t live without him. I want to marry him.”

The Independent.


  1. BLOG KING5/23/2016

    Wonder why the first marriage ended in divorce. They using her for visa. Useless lazy boys.


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