5 Signs Your Husband Is Happily Married

Every wife wants her husband to be happily married and content. These five signs show you he is:

  1. A husband who is happily married genuinely misses his wife when he is away. He tries to keep contact, calls  as often as possible to know what's going on at home. He cannot wait to return home to his wife. He says
    endearing words to you on the phone. He is faithful and you know it. His calls are not only to announce safe arrivals and departure, no, he calls to keep you updated about his trip and to feel closer to you.

  2. He wants to lighten your load around the house, even when or if he cannot do much, but you can feel he is trying, he tries his best to lend a helping hand. He is an active participant in making home life happy, doesn't leave the discipline and upbringing of the kids to you alone. He wants to help and you can feel it.

  3. He pays attention. He looks at you to see what you are doing. He cannot help it, he is smitten and eyes you at different times. You catch him eyeing you and maybe pretend you didn't see but you know. No matter what changes your body has gone through, he thinks you are beautiful and doesn't see the flaws that you see.

  4. He is visibly touched when you cry. He is not perfect at it, but tries his best to understand what you are going through. Holds your hand when you cry and is there for you. He tries to comfort you during your hard times and even though he wants to remain the man and show toughness, you can feel that he is comforting and if you are wise, you'll accept it. He feels your pain even though he may not shed tears with you, his actions are very soothing and comforting in pain.

  5. He open heartedly shares his dreams and sorrows with you. He only needs to know that you'll keep his confidence, then he opens up his soul for you even though this is not as easy for him as it is for you. He knows you are his personal person and is not afraid to share with you.
If you have more signs, please add in the comment box below.
Ok, now rate your husband... Is he very happily married, fairly happy or Not happy in the marriage?


  1. Anonymous5/07/2016

    Yeah right? I don't think mine is happy.

  2. Anonymous5/08/2016

    hmmm. mine is definitely not happy. pls what are the signs of a happily married wife?

  3. All except no 5 tho he likes to keep to himself very secretive but 1 to 4 is on point

  4. Johnson5/08/2016

    "Discipline & Upbringing" is more the responsibility of the husband (father) - the wife should be the support (Gen18:19).
    On point #5, I the the phrase "Personal Person"! However, if your hubby does not 'open heartedly shares his dreams and sorrows' with you, it is possibly because he thinks you cannot handle it yet. Imagine if Abraham had shared the instruction to sacrifice Isaac with Sarah?
    A happily married man knows the right time to make wifey phone receive credit alert.
    In my view, a happily married wife often sings in the morning when getting the family ready for the day (lol).

    1. Johnson5/08/2016

      ... I LIKE the phrase...

  5. Anonymous5/08/2016

    Mine is really happy and i keep praying to God that 50 years down the line be will still be the amazing husband he is!!

  6. A happily married man knows the right time to make wifey phone receive credit alert.
    In my view, a happily married wife often sings in the morning when getting the family ready for the day (lol). Mr Johnson is on point. GBAM.

  7. Hmmmm mine is 4 and half. 1 to 4 is on point but that 5th one, some he shares and others nah!!


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