10 Items To Have In A Diaper Bag Before Leaving The House

Diaper bag photo: Supermommie.
For new moms. Have you ever gone out and realized in the middle of a meeting that you needed an extra diaper or wipes for the baby? The baby's dress is soiled and you don't know what to do. The weight of the bag depends on how long you intend to be out with the baby. Here are 10 essential items to have in a baby diaper bag that you need for a whole day before returning home:

  1. An extra outfit or 2 just in case
  2. 4 extra bibs
  3. 3 diapers
  4. A pack of baby wipes
  5. Baby powder if the weather is hot
  6. Water
  7. Extra formula or bottle of milk if baby is on formula
  8. Disposal bag to keep soiled or disposable used items
  9. Small fold-able changing mat
  10. Paracetamol

These are the 10 things a new mom should never leave home without because the best way to enjoy your outing with the baby is to be prepared.

Are there other essential diaper bag items I missed, please add in the comment box below.


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