Woman With "Two Vaginas" Reveals The Left Vejayjay Is Smaller + The Awkward moment when "He" Found Out

Another sufferer: Cassandra Bankson, 23, from San Francisco, a beauty vlogger, opened up about being diagnosed with the condition last year on her YouTube channel
Youtube Cassandra Bankson.
If this woman was Nigerian, demons would have been casted and bound with dry fasting and prayer for 3 months. This condition means that she was born with two wombs, two cervices and other inside parts double double etc. On the two Reddit threads, they started for people to ask them anything,the couple answer questions about sex, pregnancy and the awkward moment when he found out about it. Read below:

A woman born with two uteri, two cervices, and two vaginas has taken to Reddit with her boyfriend to answer any question users may have about her condition. 
The anonymous woman, writing under the username nurseryRN, opened herself up to queries from the public in a thread that recently made its way to the front page. 
'I am a female who was born with a complete uterine didelphys. I am in my 20s. I found out I had two uteri, two cervices, and two vaginas when I was 16 years old,' she explained in the thread, originally posted in 2013. 'I've been told I can get pregnant in either uterus.'

 In her Ask Me Anything thread, the woman discussed everything from pregnancy to hormones to having sex.

'Given that the two vaginas need to fit within the same amount of space, would child birth be more difficult for you?' asked one user, adding: 'Would you require a C-section for birth, or is
it possible for you to do a natural birth without complications?'
'C-section,' she responded. 'My uteri are smaller than normal so I am at risk for miscarriage, intrauterine growth restriction (small babies), and premature babies.'
Another user inquired as to whether she could get pregnant in one uterus and later become pregnant in the other.
'Due to hormones, that isn't supposed to happen but I've read that it's happened before,' she explained. 'Apparently a woman had one in one uterus and twins in the other uterus.' 

She also revealed that she has one Fallopian tube per uterus so she still only menstruates once per month. 
As for how she deals with her monthly visitor, the woman revealed: 'My doc says I should use two tampons at one time but that's a bit ridiculous so I just use one.' 
She added: 'I can choose to get the septum removed but scar tissue may form. I would have to put a mold in my vagina twice a day for 15 minutes at a time and I would have to do that for 6 months.'
Of course, many of the questions involved the women's sex life and, in most cases, she was more than happy to oblige in answering their questions.  
'My sex life is good. It depends which vagina is penetrated. My vaginas are side by side and the left side hurts when penetrated because it is smaller,' she explained. 
'To my knowledge, due to the septum in my vagina, my g-spot is covered. Other than that, I imagine that it's not much different than anyone else's.' 

a separate AMA on the site, the woman's boyfriend confirmed her description using the username twicethefunn. 

Yes, he said, sex feels different with his girlfriend, 'but then again all vaginas are different'. 
He also revealed how he first discovered his girlfriend's extra endowments, writing: 'Well before we started dating she mentioned she had two of something most girls don't, after a couple minutes of guessing I finally figured it out. It was an interesting conversation.'
He also added that from an inch in he doesn't notice that there are two vaginas, but tries to 'aim right' because that is her preference.
Last year, YouTuber Cassandra Bankson, 23, from San Francisco revealed that also was born with the condition, and took to her beauty-focused YouTube channel DiamondsAndHeels14 to explain the situation to fans and answer questions.
She discovered her condition after consulting her doctor about back pain and undergoing scans - though while growing up she recalled having more than the usual amount of periods and lots of pain during menstruation. She was also told that she only had one kidney during the scans.
'Maybe there are other people out there who are dealing with this and feel embarrassed, or alone, or weird or different and it’s just a medical anomaly,' she told her followers. 'I guess my life is a little public on here. It's kind of my way of therapy I guess.' 

 Another sufferer: Cassandra Bankson, 23, from San Francisco, a beauty vlogger, opened up about being diagnosed with the condition last year on her YouTube channel reports Dailymail.


  1. I'm shocked to my bones here. Never heard of this. Tufia. She should be free to marry two husbands then.

  2. Anonymous4/11/2016

    lol, yup if it was nigeria prayers and deliverance galore. and i hate how atheists use it to say religion holds us back. nope, people are just really superstitious in nigeria, religion or not. i remember when i had sleep paralysis and even i was almost trying to make it spiritual (but i still prayed, cos sleep paralysis ain't funny).


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