Will You Divorce Your Husband On Grounds Of Impotence? Will You Stay?


 Yes, impotence can be grounds for annulment of marriage but would you rather stay with him? A newly married bride was cheated into marrying an impotent man. She discovers his challenge on their wedding night and wants out:
According to Indian website Siasat, a newly-married Fatima Biwi (name changed) 18-year-old from Katna village in Murshidabad was cheated into marrying an “impotent” man. She moved the family court seeking divorce from him and Rs 55,000 cash and assets worth Rs 55,000, which Fatima brought as dowry.
Fatima won the case on Saturday. She first approached Shabnam Ramaswami, founder of an NGO called Street Survivors India.
Ramaswami said: “Since 2002, villagers have been approaching us to sort out their problems. This includes cases where a woman or a man have problems in their relationships or when a girl has been denied her rights to her house and assets. At our Stree Shakti Prokalpo, we have a forum where women’s issues are discussed. Fatima’s case was addressed here.”
On speaking to Fatima, she said, “On our wedding night, I realised that my husband has erectile dysfunction. In our village, marriages have broken up earlier. But no girl has ever cited impotence as a reason.” 
 While the groom’s family wanted Fatima to give some time before walking out, her family insisted the marriage be called off immediately. They feared the delay might lead to Fatima being branded infertile.”


  1. Anonymous4/07/2016

    For better or worse, you do!

    1. No ma/sir It is not for better for worse,when you hide such an important issue and expect to be be forgiven is a big sin and a woman have the full right to leave the marriage vis is only for better for worst when they are already married and have the problem. Let us be realistic.

  2. Yes I will divorce him because he wasn't honest.

  3. Madam Eya I can see you are biased against women. Ask this question correctly: If the wife were to become impotent, will the man stay?????????

    1. Johnson4/08/2016

      Impotency for women? The man will not even realise! The sex organ for men makes issue of impotency more pronounced. And come to think of it, this is different from the issue of infertility - Lord have mercy!
      As there are physical and medical explanations, let's realise that the spiritual controls all.

  4. Baby Doctor4/07/2016

    The covenant seal of marriage is sexual intercourse. NOT the exchange of vows or rings. Everything that is done in marriage can also be done outside marriage except for that one thing- sex. Never having had intercourse with your spouse is grounds for an annulment (that means the marriage is expunged as if it never happened). Remaining married in that situation makes a mockery of the institution. The two of you can just be friends.

  5. The woman was deceived. She has every right to leave.

  6. I have an aunt who divorced her first husband ( who I heard loved her soon much) because he was impotent.
    She married the man she started cheating on him with and this man littered her with 8 kids- he got a second wife too. They're currently separated and my aunt is running from pillar to post trying to live the "big girl" life but men don't really want a woman who no one wants to claim.
    That impotent man remarried and has 4 kids now. Now, I don't know if he adopted o or if his wife played an away match but I want to believe that they waited on the Lord and he blessed them with kids so my point is...... I'm not sure, it all depends on the circumstances sha, lol.


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