Why Does My Husband Still Keep Photos Of His Ex Girlfriends?

Hello, my husband still has pictures of his ex girlfriends in his photo album till date. Some of his University days babes and some he befriended even after he left school.We have been married for good three years and each time I try to make him understand that I don't like it, he just shrugs and makes me feel like I'm too petty or that I worry over unimportant things. The other day we had a heated argument and I told him that if those were unimportant like he wants
me to believe, then he should have long disposed of them.  I can throw them away myself but don't know the outcome and I hate to take risk. I fear if I continue this way ordinary pics might destroy my marriage. but again, it's disturbing me. Some of those ladies are still not yet married. Why is he still keeping their pics?


  1. Johnson4/22/2016

    How would you feel knowing that your husband & his exes are friends on FB - does that feel better? You have made your point to him and I think he will take the pics off when you're less focused on it...

  2. Yes, I also think he'll take them off, in case he doesn't maybe you quietly lock that photo album up somewhere in a box or cupboard so you stop seeing it.

  3. Anonymous4/23/2016

    Excuse me Mr Johnson,how would her husband feel if she also had photos of her exes? Can we as human beings learn to treat people how we would like to be treated? Would you be comfortable knowing that your wife still has her exes photos on her phone and probably still in touch with them? I can bet that your answer would be a big NO,why then would you expect her not to raise an eyebrow if you do same??

    1. Johnson4/23/2016

      Very good question @ Anonymous. My point is that she should not have high BP over mere hard-copy pictures because most likely these exes are her hubby's friend on FB.
      There is nothing wrong for her to raise objection to the pics he's keeping... She should, however, give him time to take them off. And if he does not, she should remove them herself without making so much fuse about it. If we’re not careful, we’ll start building the feeling of no trust too early in our marriage – this is very dangerous.
      But come to think of it, did we unfriend all our exes from FB cos we got married?

  4. Anonymous4/23/2016

    I thought I was the only one that had this experience, well like three months after our marriage is told hubby that I didn't want to see all the pictures of exes or girls with poorly defined friendships on his laptop and he said if it bothered me that much I should delete them and I did and oh what Joy I felt deleting those pictures then.thinking back i don't think it was worth the headache I gave myself then cos hubby never made me notice the existence of the so called exes.

  5. Keeping the pictures of your ex girlfriends after marriage is very wrong. What are you keeping them for? People should learn to respect their marriage and spouses. Hell will br let loose if the wife was the one doing this. There is nothing as a " special or his own time" to destroy those pictures. They should have since been destroyed even before you got married. It is normal to have concerns for things like that.If the pictures are still there, put them into hiding first and see if he will notice and ask you. If he doesnt after a while, destroy them. If he does ask after them, you should be rest assured that something is fishy.


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