When Should I Tell My Family That I'm Pregnant?

Hello Anty Eya , I'm 6 weeks pregnant, and I'm not sure when to tell my parents and my husband's parents. I've had three miscarriages in the past, two after I told my relatives I was pregnant, the last one happened before I could inform anyone. Telling I'm pregnant and later losing could be making me look
like a desperate liar. Should I go ahead and tell them in person, or wait until I'm past the first trimester and possibly showing?
I don't know what other wives do, please help.


  1. Relax and stop worrying about when to tell. Do iu really have to? When it's showing everyone will know you are pregnant.

    1. Gbam.
      Just keep thanking God for His blessing that is here to stay!
      Congratulations and may you carry your baby to term and deliver like a Hebrew woman in Jesus' name. Amen.

  2. Exactly just chill after all no1 can hide pregnancy. Hmmmm my new style of commenting is when someone comment first otherwise I can't view or comment. Mtn abi my phone well done oooooo.

  3. Johnson4/21/2016

    Congratulations my sister. Everything that is required to sustain the baby and you shall not be lacking... As long as there's a breaking of the dawn, your joy shall remain permanent, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.
    Let your babies announce their arrival...

  4. I have 3 children and I did not tell anyone when I got pregnant except my grandma and that was for the first child. When they see you pregnant, they see you. We no be oyibo o.

  5. Anonymous4/22/2016

    Most people tell for their first and maybe second babies. After that, no need to dey tell tell up and dan. Because they may even start mocking you, asking how many kids you intend to have; when will you be done with child-bearing, etc. Belle no dey hide, so it must tell itself.

    I usually will tell my mum, and then my sisters as the pregnancy progresses. My hubby tells his mum; datz all.

    I have just two kids though. If there is going to be a third child for me, i dont think i will tell anybody except my mum and mum inlaw. All the best.

  6. Anonymous6/29/2018

    Good day Aunty Eya and everyone else. I just turned 21 in May and now I've discovered that I'm 3 weeks and 6 days gone. My boyfriend is willing to take full responsibility and meet my parents but I just can't tell them. I've been crying. What will they say to me? What will they do to me? I'm supposed to graduate by 2019/2020 by God's grace. Please help me anybody


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