Weird Stuff I Do For My Husband

Hello Anty Eya, it's weekend, can we just relax today and share some weird stuff we do for our husbands? It will definitely help us learn while having cool fun.
Ok, let me start... I don't think any other wife on wives connection can do the things I do with my husband.  He enjoys them and, come and see goose bumps on his body when I clean his ears with Q tip. I  see nothing wrong with scratching and cleaning them but not in public sha o, not even in the parlour.

The baddest stuff is lightly sticking my fingers in his
ass when he's at work on muah. It makes him scream and maybe that's one reason my nails are always short, hope one day pesin  nor go go touch nyama di?

Aunty, Should I  say this last one or take it with me to the grave? if you find it too weird, delete before posting please. I will say it and let she that's clean cast the first stone first. I  never enjoy it myself but it seems that's the peak for my sunshine bobo.  As I grow older,  in my late thirties now and beginning to do some of those stuffs reluctantly. *Sticking my tongue inside the back side.
Abeg fellow wives what weird stuff do  you do for your husband?


  1. Grubby poster, I almost vomited in your face lol.

  2. Anonymous4/16/2016

    Don't go and be feeding your Hubby's gay side o, everyone has the tendency to play for the other side o.

    Anyway, I'm trying to think but I can't think of any weird thing we do o.... hmmmm..... I mean, I can be freaky in bed and turn myself on by giving hubby mad, hot blow job but, that's not "weird" per se....

    There is something I do when I'm on top sha, I give kegels when I'm sliding up then actually slide out then envelope his Dick again with my pussy- from the way he moans and rolls his eyes, e be like say the thing dey finish am....
    Nothing "weird" per se, I can just handle my hubby in bed but I don't go licking ass and all.....

  3. Also, aunt Eya, the template is now REALLY good! As in, I'm blown away..... :)

    1. Thank you our Chief Judge.

  4. I have a feeling that one person or two or more willlove to see my weird comment on this pretty weird post. Later guys. Let me enjoy yours first.

  5. Mmhhmmm clears throat; jst passing oo.

  6. Anonymous4/16/2016

    Hmmmm I just day pass ni oh! But I fit still learn Shaa oh

  7. Anonymous4/16/2016

    Hmmmm I just day pass ni oh! But I fit still learn Shaa oh

  8. I'm still thinking... OK I remember but, that doesn't qualify as weird. When my husband makes me angry, I over salt his food and wait to see him reject the food or complain, then I get even angrier when he sits down, clears the food without complaining or mentioning salt. I don't think that is weird stuff, well, let's just manage till I remember any other.

    1. Anonymous4/17/2016

      haha XD, oh my goodness, either your husband has the personality of a saint or the receptors on his tongue are dead.


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