Tiwa Savage And Her Son

 Visiting MTN.

Did you know The Music Icon  was once stoned with pure water bags? 
According to her,
My first performance at Kennis Easter Fiesta was a disaster! I was stoned with pure water bags because I was singing English songs and blowing too much phonetics.
The singer then added that this experience inspired her breakthrough single – 'Kele kele love'.
She said, “I ran back to my husband who was my boyfriend at that time and cried ‘my people are not
accepting me, I don’t know what to do.’ He told me to start singing songs that they could relate with. And that was how I came up with 'Kele kele love'.
Tiwa Savage and son, Jamil Balogun


  1. wow, what a touching story. lesson: never give up, if you fail the first time try again!

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