Should I Reveal My Secret Bank Account Details To Hubby?

 I disagree o, unless your husband has insecurities and is jealous if not why? The mail is  below...

Hello Aunty Eya and the kindhearted wives connection peeps. I am a wife with 2 kids. My husband and I dated for 1 year before our wedding and like joke that same month I took in and a year after my son was born, I got pregnant for my daughter with ease to show how good God has been to my family. In our four years of marriage, I have been very open to my husband and  thought he was until I discovered an account in a bank I knew nothing of.

I'll try not to bore you with long stories. I just got my first job ever like working for Government though I always been into my personal businesses and my husband
knows almost everything about where I save. My new plans to open an account with my salary that I plan not to touch at all considering that my 2 salons are doing very very well. I don't need to spend my salary for now and want to save everything but developed cold feet about telling him after discovering he has an account he never told me about even though he said he was planning to. Should I still go ahead and inform that I want to open an account with my new job or just mind my business and do my thing quietly?


  1. @Poster, your mail turned on my search button and I had to go trying to read more on financial infidelity. Keeping money secrets is not good for any marriage but since he started it first...

    1. Guys please, let's all scroll down and take the poll on financial infidelity, I will too. It will show on every blog post from now till December so we can view results as often as we want. The aim of this poll is to reveal something about Nigerian spouses and finances. Let's go there please.

  2. I don't see the poll Aunt Eya.....
    I'd love to take it.


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