Not Just Omotola's My Husband Goes To The Market Too

I  don't quite agree with those bashing Omotola for posting on Instagram  that her husband goes to the market even though she made a little  mistake stating the obvious. No need mentioning your status because everyone knows that already and we love her, but, if it's about hubby going to the market or shopping for his family, I am not a celebrity but my husband goes to the market. Has anyone thought about what will happen if Omotola Jalade goes to the market? There will be chaos and she wont get anything done as so many people will recognize her and ask for autographs and selfies, I can imagine the confusion. Some   years back I thought about my husbands love for shopping and asked him how he positions himself to bargain with the market
women, then the driver replied that he feels very uneasy when he sees the way these sellers cheat oga. That he just pays what they tell him, the driver collects the stuff and they keep moving.  I'm like, isn't it better for me to go take my time bargain very well and have change for the family?

Not that I  command or ask him to shop oh, it's like shopping is one of his hobby's because, I think he enjoys shopping and carrying the bags like "yes I'm doing this for my family ".  Not that I  don't like to shop, I  do. He just prefers to do it and tells us that he us better at shopping than moi.  Now I don't feel uncomfortable sending him,  I just write the list and give to him or tell him by mouth what is needed.

The thing sha about a husband shopping for the family is that most times he gets cheated without knowing it,  at other times he buys more or rathet too much of what you don't need and less of what you really need. Buying vegetables is what I  feel no man can do better than a woman because women know what's fresh and what's not so fresh.  There are times I have written tatashey and he brings home green pepper because the seller or mallam doesn't know the difference.  I don't cook with much pepper and when I  go shopping I buy very little but when he goes he can buy a whole basket of needless pepper and buy just one tiny stock fish that is the thing that you really need plenty of . I became creative with finding ways to preserve the excess.

Now, he has become a guru and I  wonder what the market women feel when they see a man buying salt and crayfish.  I  love it especially on weekends when I'm very tired because shopping in the market is not easy. At the supermarket, one can just pick and throw in the trolley but Saturday shopping is real hard work and very stressful.

When I go to the market I hardly find men buying among women but in my family sha,on Saturdays, when you say daddy has gone to the market,  it's  a normal thing and the kids remind you on Saturday mornings  like "Mummy when you write the market list for daddy,  please include my slippers or include my hair kit or whatever.
There are a few of our Nigerian husbands who love to shop and I  think we should just let them sweat the sweat.


  1. What? Eya, so you like it?

    1. Yes Amaka sometimes. There are also times when I don't but I just let him.

  2. My dad shops from time to time and we don't see anything wrong with it. My aunt's hubby shops as well and I think he is so much like your hubby because he loves to shop and not just super market shopping but the open market one too. My aunt used to complain but she began to use it to her advantage. For instance he hasn't increased her monthly foodstuff allowance so she got tired of complaining that he increases it. When he's on his way home she'll call and tell him to buy oil, salt, sardines and foodstuff and he buys them. At the end of the day, he has no idea that he had just saved her some change.
    I personally like men who shop and what I love most is when a couple go to market together sometimes, I feel it aids better bonding.
    I am impressed that your hubby goes to the market as well as Omotola's and I see nothing wrong in it.

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  3. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with the husband shopping for the home if he doesn't mind doing it. And I think it's wrong for people to try to make them feel bad for doing it. It's his money he's spending, it's his family he's shopping for and it is his legs he's using to waka in the market. So if he is not complaining, why should we? Abeg we should learn how to mind our business when it concerns domestic issues like this. That my husband does not go to market doesn't mean I should be vexing for another woman whose husband goes to market. No two homes are run the same way, and couples should adopt whatever method that works for them in managing their home.

  4. I guess I one of the few lucky women pertaining hubby going to the market. My husband loves to go to the market. Even after work he can branch there and then call me on the phone sometimes to ask if there is anything we need. And he cooks really well too. And I dont abuse this privilege. But this doesn't mean that husbands who doesn't go to the market are bad. They can be good with other house chores. In omotola's case I totally relate once they are both happy. Dunno why people are hating. It doesn't mean the man is weak.

  5. You need to know that people are complaining because of the attitude, why add because of your status. Was she born with the status or rather did she have that status before marriage? If he has been going to the market from the beginning then its not because of her status. When I was in kaduna, my husband goes to the market because I was afraid of religious crisis, so I would make my list and give him and he was okay with it. The moment you start showing attitude as a woman, by publicly saying your husband goes to market because of your status, you are not honoring that Man.

    1. Johnson4/14/2016

      Thanks Debbie for this insight...

  6. There's nothing wrong with it at all. Even till date my dad does that n single thing wrong. He even cooks when he feels like. Mbok life is simple. What about hausa men dt does most of d marketing /shopping? It's just normal to me besides I don't even like guys dt don't know how to cook.

    1. Exactly my dear, it pays to marry a man who is good with house chores e.g cooking. Am enjoying it. It was one of the traits I looked out for in a man before I got married. But we shouldn't make the mistake of abusing it.
      And for Omotola's husband to be still be doing it after 18 years of marriage, shows she doesn't abuse it.

    2. hmmmmm Brandybless. never say never o! The one God has prepared for you may not know how to cook but you musn't use it against him just capitalize on his strengths

  7. There is no big deal there. It is based on mutual understanding.

  8. amakandidi4/14/2016

    i don't see anything wrong in that at all, my hubby goes to the market & even cook some times without me asking him to, he just like doing it some times.

  9. Anonymous4/14/2016

    lol, i see no problem with it, it's the 21st century. in fact if i were to get married, i'll be looking at if the guy can cook or do other chores (whereas in the past, men were the ones who required this in their women). my mum and dad were always calling me and my brothers lazy if we didn't do our chores, so i don't think i could watch a guy just chill whilst i do all the work. i don't see the point of being amazed when a guy does the chores either, or that we should go out of your way to thank a guy for performing a woman's "duties".


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