Nigerian Four in one ugu, green, water leaf, tomatoes stew served with rice

Nigerian vegetable stew

A serving of Nigerian vegetable stew with rice, fries and titus fish

This assorted vegetable stew is cooked with ugu vegetables, waterleaf, green amaranth, and tomatoes. Served with boiled rice and Eba. I enjoyed it with boiled rice, others preferred with garri. The Irish potatoe fries were added for enjoyment but taken off after snapping because I couldn't find ketchup to spread on them. There was no long cooking involved as green vegetables don't do well with heat.
After frying my tomatoes, pepper, onion and seasoning briefly, the three vegetables were added. Then crayfish followed. For another delicious aroma, you can fry the crayfish with onion. Step by step pics will upload shortly. To enjoy titus fish, just wash, grill or fry. Adding to soups is not the best method for this fish unless in fish tomato stews.

Three in one pot: Green amaranthus and water leaf by the right, ugu vegetable by the left


 Tomatoes, fresh pepper, onion and seasoning cooking before adding vegetables

Adding green veggies to the pot

Adding crayfish at this time because I forget about it, for best result, fry the crayfish with tomatoes and onions

Camera malfunction, here is the soup without meat, still crunchy, green and fresh


 If you don't like titus fish, use croaker instead

Rice and vegetable stew served with fish tail

 Enjoy your weekend



  1. Yummy! I never thought of this wonderful idea! Thank you for this nice and easy tutorial. Can't wait to start preparing some delicious meals!

    Lady G


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