My Sunday Lunch Almost Late

Boiled Rice Served with Nigerian tomato stew, moi moi, assorted meats, Lettuce

 Nigerian Sunday lunch Rice and stew.

 Nigerian tomato stew cooked with frozen tomatoes
Steaming my eatery bought moi moi.
Starving already. I made this Nigerian stew with frozen tomatoes, there was no time to wait so I just washed, and boiled before blending with onion, fresh pepper (ata rodo) and cooking. Very delicious. The moi moi too was frozen, left over from moi moi we got at drumstix (nor be me cook am). I steamed while stew cooked and it's still ver fresh and tasty. That's a piece of cow tail on top the yummy rice. When I upload more pics, you'll see how nutritious this lunch is. Remember that tip to
buy bulk tomatoes when in season and freeze for the whole year? I took it but didn't buy that much tomatoes. Frozen tomatoes taste just like you judt harvested them from farm, FRESH.

 Frozen tomatoes washed and ready to boil
 At this point,, even if I make the stew without frying, no sour taste anymore, gone with the heat
Adding the blended frozen tomatoes to hoy oil, blended together with 2 large bulbs onion, fresh ata rodo pepper

 Nigerian stew is ready
This is my plate here o. Disclaimer:
I can't empty this plate, will just eat the rice, lettuce and kpomo by the right, the rest can wait. What are you having for lunch? E sweet or you burn pot watching Telemundo and "when you are Mine?"  :)
Happy Sunday!



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