Mom abandoned baby in drain for five days then returned to see if he was rescued

The mom told police that she hoped someone will find her baby but also expected him to die. The factory worker, 32, went back twice to check if the child was still alive before he was rescued days later, the Daily Telegraph reports.
The woman claimed she did not hear anything and concluded that the baby had died. She allegedly took her baby and placed him in the storm water drain near her home at about 3pm.
This woman told police she sat with her child in a park before she walked with him towards Quakers Rd.
“Then I just saw the drain… and I just put the baby in there,” she
told police. She dumped the child through a small opening under a concrete slab that covered the drain. The boy fell 2.4m to the bottom.The child remained in the drain for five days, in hot and dry conditions before he was rescued by a man a daughter who went cycling in that area.


  1. God forbid!
    I hate seeing, hearing or even reading anything that has to with the molesting/abandonment/maltreatment of a child.
    I don't even open the posts because I worry it will be too traumatic for me to look at.....
    I opened this very cautiously, thank God the child was rescued.
    It is well.


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