Lady Allegedly Murders Own Sister, Father, Husband Dispose Body

An Indian lady kills her sister over an argument they had in the past, she enlists the help of her husband and their father to bury her dead body. Read below as reported by Toronto Sun:

Manjinder Litt, 37, told court Monday he and his mother were on a trip to India at the time of his wife’s disappearance, and that he had been speaking with her twice a day prior to that.
“I kept trying, calling (Poonam), her phone was switched off,” Litt testified through an interpreter. “It would ring once — then it would go off.”
He placed 15 to 20 phone calls to his wife from India the day he couldn’t reach her, court heard.
The Crown has alleged that Manjinder Litt’s sister, Mandeep Punia, killed his wife in February 2009 following a fight, and that she enlisted the help of her husband, Skinder Punia, and her father, Kulwant Litt, to dispose of the body.
It wasn’t until Poonam’s sister called that he was notified his wife had reportedly left for work at a nearby dental office but never reached the location, Litt said.
“She asked, ‘Do you know Poonam went to work in the morning and she didn’t reach work?’” Litt testified.
Mandeep Punia faces a charge of second-degree murder. Her husband is on trial for being an accessory after the fact. Kulwant Litt will be tried separately on an accessory charge.
Court heard that after learning his wife never showed up at work, Manjinder Litt called his home and spoke with his sister.
“I told them ,‘You already know what happened,’” Litt recalled. “‘I want to talk to Poonam.’”
He said Mandeep told him Poonam went to work but they received a call saying she had never arrived.
At one point, he said, he “told them ‘You should at least go out. Go to police, try to find her.’”
He returned home from India immediately and discovered Poonam’s purse, wallet, office keys, and jacket in their bedroom.
When Litt questioned his sister again about his wife, he recalled that she replied: “How do I know where she is?”
Poonam and his sister were known to have argued at least three times in the past, Litt said.
His testimony continues Tuesday. 


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