Just Got Married At 40, Shocked At Mum's Revelation

I wasn't lucky enough to get any man walk me down the Isle earlier.  I'm 40 now, wedded just last month and while talking this morning, my mum just casually chirped in that she did hit menopause at 42. How is that possible? What am I going to do?  Aunty Eya kindly help me ask on the blog if there is anything I can do to delay my menopause or
something.  Hubby and I had agreed that we enjoy this marriage for at least a year before thinking of babies now am confused after mum's revelation. Should I be worried? Does it mean that I  have only two years left to have babies? I need help. Please advise.


  1. Anonymous4/16/2016

    You married late and still want to wait a year before having kids. I don gerrit!!!

  2. Menopause doesn't happen over night. It's a very slow gradual process that can last between 3 years to 12 years! This period is called the peri menopausal period and yes, you can fall pregnant in this period. That's how you hear of a woman in her 50s or 60s accidentally falling pregnant. They mistake the peri menopausal period for actual menopause and stop contraception and bam! Baby.

    So fret not, you don't just wake up in the morning and your period is gone. It'll go from 12 times a year to 10, to 9 to 8 and so on.

    I think you'll still be able to have kids. But if you're scared, try freezing your eggs. Do your research and see if there are fertility centers in your area that do it.

    Good luck.

  3. Anonymous4/16/2016

    Enjoyment? Ain't you eager to start making babies at your age? Haven't you guys enjoyed enough. It is medically advisable to finish bearing ur children before mid thirties if God answer ur prayers fast and hear you are talking about enjoyment at age fourty. Please do not waist time for any reason oh, start trying as soon as possible. I wish you and all of us TTC luck

  4. Anonymous4/17/2016

    i second ummibee, it doesn't happen overnight. enjoy yourself and decide on your own when you want to have a baby. freeze the eggs if you are very worried, but like she said, it doesn't happen immediately, your one year plan is still good.

  5. Anonymous4/20/2016

    Age is not on your side. If God wills it start having your children immediately. Enough said


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