Is Alcohol Completely Condemned By Scripture?

Wine Versus excessive drinking, Which Is Wrong?

Good day Eya, I'm a Christian wife and mom who is getting quite addicted to wives Connection Blog. My husband is not an alcoholic but he drinks a little. I do not drink at all and because of this the kids think am more Christian than their father. I tried to explain to them last night when they said it, I told them that drinking in itself is not forbidden but drunkenness but I still need some clarification on wine and drinking please help me post. I need you, Mr Johnson and other readers to put me through please, and yes, no body should come here talking about asking my pastor. I chose to ask blog readers, free me.


  1. Johnson4/22/2016

    Drinking wine (alcoholic beverages) will neither make you a sinner nor saint. Not dinking does not equally make u a better Christian.
    I stopped drinking about 18years ago while working in an alcoholic beverage company. Why? Alcohol is not for kings... Would I condemn someone for drinking? No. I would rather focus on salvation of their SOUL.
    Unfortunately, some have turned the scripture into a literature book, that's why we're getting less revelations... Enough said... I'm trying to catch some sleep at over 30,000ft above sea level - yes over 30,000ft!

    1. That's so high up there. Safe flight.

  2. I don't feel empty or find it hard to pray when I drink a glass of palm wine or red wine. I drink palm wine to boost breast milk production in the factory, but with caution not to intoxicate myself and new babies oh. Sometimes I take a glass of wine just to keep hubby company not that I enjoy it anyway. @ Poster, When I do wrong, I feel it in my soul, I can't even go before God, I feel dirty before him but not when I relax with palm wine or a glass of wine in moderation. I know that some churches don't allow while some say drink but don't get drunk, some can drink in the privacy of your room but not in public. I don't know which is right or not yet,but I'm not an alcoholic. If tomorrow I'm convinced that it's sin, I'll stop completely. Don't want to burn with fire and brim stone abeg.

  3. God is d only one day can convince one against it, it a personal decision


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