I Cheated Even after my husband suspected, Please Help Me

Good morning Anty Eya and wives connection friends, I'm very sorry about what I have one now, even after my family's disagreement on our marriage, my husband and I  got married about 10 years ago, we had a bouncing baby boy after 5 years later and still waiting for more blessing. We were so devastating without each other and had to marry even though my family was not very happy he is from a far away tribe. We blessed with our baby boy and life was going well. My husband ,he is a very nice person for not only me but for everyone with whom he is connected. We only quarelled a few times in my marriage to my husband and always settle the fight without involving anyone but this time I need to involve the wives connection inside it. I don't know how to get my husband forgiveness.
around 2 years ago , I met a person in my new department at the office . we talk daily as he was my senior and i had to report to him everyday ..this went
normal for some months but later I felt he has developed feelings for me , which i ignored earlier but i did the mistake i didn't tell this to my husband ... which was the first wrong step from my side and now I really regret it.
After some months working together under this my supervisor, he shared his feeling for me. and initially I let him know that this this is not possible, that am a married woman..but later on I started going on same track  of having feelings for him too.
so it started from here , I started ignoring the feeling for my husband , he suspected on me few months later and he asked if i was having an affair with someone else , I couldn't accept that . I was just unable to tell the things to him. but i wish i did tell him because by that time nothing has happened between me and the supervisor.
I don't know exactly why I continued with this person even after my husband suspected .. just after few days later he came not far away from my area and initially we met casually , but  the next day he has  gone physically .. I wish i could stopped him but i couldn't and I feel now like my husband will just see it in my eyes. i don't know what to do , he'll kill me already. Please advice.


  1. Anonymous4/13/2016

    Your grammar made it a difficult read but what I'll tell you is to genuinely ask God for forgiveness and then forgive yourself. Dont try to confess to your husband. He will not forgive you then lastly avoid Any Private contact with that your boss to avoid it happening again. Focus on your marriage and son.

  2. Anonymous4/13/2016

    You intentionally made it physical because u wanted to so why the guilt?? Why didnt u feel guilty before it happened?? I would advise you tell your husband before it turns into a full blown affair cos like u said "he is a good man" and i think he deserves better..

  3. Anonymous4/13/2016

    Cut it off with your boss, quit your job if possible, there are so many things you could do if you truly cared about your husband.

    and i'm all for telling the truth and all. but this is one area you may need to not say anything. but then again i don't know, what if your husband finds out the truth later and feels betrayed. but if you tell him now, the hurt might be deep and he might lose his trust.

    you know what,cut it off with the guy and tell your husband. apologise but do not let your past be used to hold you down, because i know people who did wrong who then begin to over compensate with the person they offended, so even when that person did horrible things to them, they say "well i did this and that, so i deserve whatever he is doing".

    apologise, things will be bad at first, but if you were meant to be, you'll both get out of this.

  4. That is why I love women because they hv conscience,my dear don't confess to your husband cos he will never forgive you even when he says he has,all men are like that. You need to stay off that your stupid boss cos he is a devil incarnate.


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