How To Cook Beans And Frozen Dodo

A delicious serving of beans and frozen dodo porridge.

How I preserve ripe plantain (dodo) is by freezing. The ripe plantain is fried, packed in large freezer bags and kept until I need them. I got tired of  sharing out ripe plantain because one thinks they'll go bad and then needing them the very next day. This dodo cooked today has been in the freezer for two months.
Three bunches of plantain all got ripe in one day and there was no way I was going to let them get bad or just giveaway everything and start scratching my head the next day. I gave away one and fried the remaining two bunches, it was so much dodo. We Packed in bags and kept frozen. It lasted until the girls are back on holiday. I know how much this has saved us, they crave a lot for beans and dodo, one can't buy in bulk because the plantain just gets ripe and there's nothing you can do. Without doing it this way, that means I have to go shopping ripe plantain every time I need them and then the plantain sellers are so good at counting plantain fingers and asking one to pay per finger. If you have a large family, how many fingers can you afford for Sunday and perhaps Friday dodo meals?  especially during holidays with a full house, you'll buy plantain sotay when children ask for more, you tell them to 'go drink water' or come and eat you :)

Moreover, I stopped buying already ripe plantain when I learnt about the chemical that's used to force them ripe, so, buying unripe and waiting for it to get ready can take up to a week sometimes. I buy unripe, wrap in bags to keep warm and ripen fast. This is not any kind of special recipe that's hard to follow oh. The beans is cooked just the way we cook beans porridge in Naija and the frozen dodo that has been kept outside waiting whie beans cooked is then added when the beans is ready. Pot is  stirred, heat reduced and left to simmer for 3 minutes or more. While this simmers, the dodo soaks in cooked beans but does n't get too soft and this can be so delicious. 
So far, no one has complained. I never wanted to post but the way these kids empty the pot each time I cook this frozen dodo and beans? Just had to upload pics and share. I love it too. Very delicious.

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*I made very good yoghurt at home and will share the recipe with us once pics are down uploading. It was so good!  I couldn't believe myself. I had to beg to get some in my cup.


  1. My kind of food. Thanks for the tips Eya.

  2. Anonymous4/11/2016

    I think I prefer fried green plantain s to the ripe one. I like ripe plantains too, but fried green plantains is just awesome, they are even better than fries.


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