How Much Capital Is Needed To Start Yam Frying Business?

Hello ma, I am a  wives connection addict, a full time housewife in need of something I can do to earn my own income.  I don't mind any roadside or petty business provided I'll make some money daily. I thought about frying yam but not sure how much capital is needed.
 Please help me ask wives connectioners on the blog.
Thanks in advance.


  1. Hello poster, I think that if you fry the yam well and sell with some good fried fish and pepper sauce, you'll be happy at the end of the day. This business doesn't need much to start. You can start with as low as 5k. Buy good white yams for say 1000 naira, a gallon of oil, 4 liters for 2500 naira, buy pocket friendly titus iced fish for about 1k to start with. You'll buy fish daily if there's no good means of preservation. You are doneed. Location, Location, Location. Fry the best yams and fry your fish done and we'll seasoned, just watch the market sell itself especially in the evenings. This is my favourite dinner 2henwhen I'm back home. I take a walk like every evening to the roadside sellers and buy this fried yam with fish garnished with pepper sauce. If you do it well, you customers will keep returning.

  2. Dear poster, I don't think you need much for the kind of business. Food business is good business. It may take A LOT of time but if you are so passionate about it, you will make it, I can't suggest a particular amount to you but I'll suggest you take a look at fried yam recipes on food blogs. This will help you learn techniques so you can make the best fried yams. All the best, dear.

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  3. Like Aunty Eya said, you don't need much capital. You can start with less than N10,000. Best of luck in your business.


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