How I Cope Being Married To a Husband "so much Hotter" Than Me

ITV's This Morning

Even if I feel like my husband is hotter than me, there's no way I.m going to say it out like that sha. 
A woman has been married for 20 Years to a man that is so much hotter than her, she reveals how she copes:
Neelam Stocker and husband Mark despite the longevity of their relationship, those around them still can't believe how she managed to bag herself such a good looking partner.
While such comments from friends and strangers alike would undoubtedly knock many women's confidence, the estate agent admits the negative attention doesn't effect her sense of self worth. Speaking on This Morning , she said: “I refuse to let it bother me. Instead I find it flattering."
According to Mark, Neelam gets her enviable confidence from her father, who tragically passed away when she was just 14-years-old.
"Neelam is a very confident and intelligent woman," he explained. "Her father instilled a lot of confidence in her growing up."
When the couple are out and about, reactions to their relationship tend to hit Mark
harder than his wife. "If we were walking hand in hand down the road, and we saw people walking towards us, I always notice what they do," he said.
"They look at me and then their eyes move across to Neelam. It's annoying. I get annoyed by it because it's insulting to her.
"Nobody has ever said we are mismatched outright though. Nobody has been quite that rude."


  1. Anonymous4/11/2016

    I love hot men

  2. Anonymous4/11/2016

    O.o those people are just rude, he's not that fine... and she is not that bad. or did this screen shot catch her at her best and him at his worst?


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