Do You Receive Calls In The Kitchen?

This is very important,  especially for those who still keep their gas cylinders in the kitchen and if you are one,  why not take it out and pass a hose through the wall to the kitchen.
Do you receive calls in your kitchen? Read the scary experience below:

"My name is Dr Ademola. 3 days ago, my husband who also happens to be a Doctor shared the sad incident of 6 individuals who were brought into the Casualty department of OOUTH for burns injury which they
sustained while receiving phone calls in the kitchen with the gas stove on. Pls stop receiving calls in the kitchen. It is as dangerous as receiving phone calls in petrol station. Pls don't forget to share with loved ones."

 Forwarded as received.


  1. Wow,I see u hv brot back d same template. Its ur blog ma but since I can't navigate or do much wt it,its good bye from me o. Funny enof,ds is d only post showing on d whole website. And I use a pad

    1. No sis, I explained on the post before this. It's not a permanent thing, the website designers asked to look at why some devices can't open the blog and once they are done, I'll take it off. Please read the post before this. Thanks for understanding.

  2. I watched an episode of Myth Bursters where this issue of phones at petrol stations was debunked. Now story don change to phone calls and gas cylinders - na which one pesin go believe? Anyway my gas cylinder is not in the kitchen but outside and connected to a hose through the wall.

  3. Nawa oooooo let there be proper awareness on dis oooooo.

  4. Is this a fake or real message?


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