Do You Keep Financial Secrets From Your Husband/Wife? Have You Voted?

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It's  a YES or a NO. In case you have a reason for your choice, anonymously leave a comment here on why you keep or do not keep financial secrets. please remember to take the polls, it hopes to give us an idea of how open or secretive Nigerian spouses are, with  finances.  Scroll right down to see it ( Everything is anonymous, no one can see who took the poll, only numbers). Mobile users cannot see it unless they open the whole blog. To completely open the blog, to fully open this blog or other blogger blogs, you have to
Scroll down with your phone and click on "VIEW WEB VERSION" Wait a bit let it open, then, check below and take the poll or view results. I won't be the first to take sha, so no one will know when and how :) If you voted before the gender column was included, please vote again, so sorry about the inconvenience.
The lines are open!

Happy polling!



  1. me I don't understand the new blog layout oh

    1. It's very easy for me now. I scroll down like Aunty Eya advised, click on the "VIEW WEB VERSION' and everything just opens like am using a laptop.

  2. Anonymous4/21/2016

    When my wife knows there is money, she doesn't rest until we spent everything, she'll need this and that without end. Why would I let her know every amount we have?


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