Caroline Danjuma quits Instagram, Mean Fans Can Now Sleep In Peace :(

It's best to go private. The mum of three reportedly deleted her Instagram page after she was attacked by a fan for labelling all men as cheaters because of her experience with her husband. it's possible she doesn't know there are men in this country who don't cheat.

But then, Caroline was lashed at by a fan who stated she should stop giving an excuse to stay in a ‘purposeless marriage’, Caroline had given an emotional response saying, “It is sad that all you saw and picked out was all men cheat, didn’t you see the part of forgiveness? Unconditional love? The part where you sacrifice for your kids?

I also think that Caroline should stay in her marriage. Deleting her Instagram is the bet thing she did for herself and her family. Those wanting her to leave are just bent on destroying her family. She knew him well before entering and has never asked that people trail her husband and send her pics. She should just go off Social media and face her family. Datsall.

I can never send pics to or report a woman's husband to her, I'll only pray that God gives her more wisdom to do what is right for her marriage. even if she were my friend. I can't. Stalking and reporting is same as destroying an institution created by God himself.


  1. I feel so sorry for Caroline but I do not agree that she should stay in her marriage. Even the bible cites adultery as a good ground for divorce. If her husband chases these women and comes back apologizing with a hope for change, yes, she can consider him but when he flies from one woman to another and becomes so attached to them? No! She can't keep hurting herself that way.
    I think Musa Danjuma has a weakness and it's the ladies. I advice her to listen to her mind and work hard to rise above it all.

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  2. she is the only one who knows what she is going through we only know bits and pieces of the information, so she is the only one who should be able to make an informed decision on whether to leave or stay. I dont think anyone should be advicing her on what to do

  3. Anonymous4/07/2016

    Dear Eya, why is it that women are usually advised to stay in cheating marriages "for the sake of their children" but when it is the other way round, they are quick to judge the woman in question (e.g. Stella vs Jaiye Aboderin case, etc). Now this Caroline Danjuma case is another one, and indeed most of our normal-everyday-people-cases.

    I know situations where the men discovered their wives were cheating and some slumped and died sef. My dad for one was a chronic cheat but he will harass any male colleague he smells near my mum. These men are worse at cheating yet they can throw the woman out if she is the one found wanting.

    I am not advocating cheating in marriage but abeg I love reading stories where the woman cheated on her husband too; it must not be only us at the receiving end. Once my husband suspected I was too close to a colleague and he caused big trouble in our house oh, he lost so much weight and almost died sef, lol. I loved the fact that I could put him under fire too. These men sef, they are real babies but will be forming tough up and down.

    *You can post this as a new topic oh, lemme know people's opinions.


    1. Johnson4/08/2016

      Two wrongs never make a right – a cheating spouse destroys him/herself before the shame or embarrassment to the other person. There is a very thin line between getting very close to someone of the opposite sex and cheating when you are married. If your spouse is not your ‘best friend’, you are walking on very tight ropes. However, we should not expect anything less when we marry a serial cheat – it can only get worse either way.
      It is more difficult for men to cope with a cheating wife because ' jealousy arouses a husband's fury. The husband will show no mercy when he takes revenge (Prov 6:34).


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