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Can Anyone Overfeed A Baby?

iman jr
Teyana Taylor posted this Instagram photo of her adorable daughter Iman Jr., named after her daddy, Cleveland Cavaliers star Iman Shumpert. She is so cute and chubby, some people started to complain that she is overfeeding the baby and that it could lead to childhood obesity. Well, babies are different, for my babies, you never could have overfed any, when they are full, the gums just press together and that's it.
 Are there babies who take enough and continue to open their cute little mouths for more? Any mom in the house with baby overfeeding experience?
Read some Online comments below: 

Really?! She's healthy...a lot of babies are chunky when little, doesn't mean
they are obese. Let's leave babies alone please...she is adorable!
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      She is not chunky she is only a few months old and looks like a 2 year old. I was a fat baby but not that fat
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        • But... you were fat though. Leave that baby alone.
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            • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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              • So because shes not the same size you were theres an issue.pls. No babies are the same size and most of the chubby babies grow out of it.
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                  • She's a darling child. But she is too heavy. I've seen 28 lb one year olds but this baby is heavier at a few months old.
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                    1. Baby Doctor4/17/2016

                      Some people feed their babies with calorie dense foods (I once had a patient whose mum added sugar syrup to all her feeds "so she could eat more". She weighed 16kg at 10 months). Some others feed the baby too frequently (not every cry is for food). The stomach can be trained over time to expand and accommodate a lot of food. All these can contribute to obesity in infancy and early childhood.

                    2. Anonymous4/18/2016

                      My nephew is 4 months plus and he weighs 10kg


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