Am I Racist For Calling A Bag Ghana Must Go?

My kids like to judge me like they are my God. This morning while getting their lunch boxes ready for school, my 8 year old, (the one that made that sandwich dinner I shared) entered the kitchen. She is the oldest child at home now. I immediately asked to  get me a strainer from the pantry, she couldn't find it and came out to ask where exactly?  So, I quickly said "check in the GHANA MUST GO bag. Then, come and see my daughter. .. rushed out, came
to my front and was like "Mummy, I didn't know you are racist" what? How am I racist? "So all this while you have been pretending to be good,  I've caught you today" and am like "what have I done this morning that's bad?

 She looked at me as if surprised at my question and said "mummy,  isn't it you that just said I should look inside the Ghana must go bag? Then it clicked and I started trying to explain that I'm not insulting nor hating on Ghana. That I heard those bags entered the Nigerian market at the same time that a lot of Ghanaians were leaving Nigeria back home, and that because the bag has a capacity of carrying so much luggage,  most travellers were using them at the time, so the reason for that name. She didn't seem satisfied with my explanation and still insisted that I shouldn't call it that name. Ok, oh,  but at least I tried.

In my mind I'm like "see this small baby of yesterday telling me that I'm racist for calling a bag the name everyone calls it. Maybe she is right sha, but that doesn't make me racist.


  1. Anonymous4/26/2016

    Eya, your daughter is right.

  2. So what should we now start calling the bag?

  3. So what should we now start calling the bag?

  4. @Debbyola, I wonder oh. That's the name everybody knows.

  5. Anonymous4/26/2016

    ..when i travelled to ghana a couple of years ago, i saw the bags and asked them what they were called, and they said 'ghana must gok

  6. Funny girl. You have explained it clearly.

  7. Anonymous4/28/2016

    The proper name for that bag is jute bag (hope I got the spelling right)


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