I feel relaxed now that we reverted to the old layout. I don't care anymore. Because I bought the new template doesn't mean I'll not listen to my blog readers.  Honestly I wanted the blog to do better with the new template and even though to me it did better, my blog readers are more important here.
For one reader that struggles to read and struggles still to leave a comment, there are thousand others  who suffer without saying it.  I'm grateful that we got those comments about difficulties faced by some readers. If no one complained we'll just continue while readers get discouraged.

Now I  believe "if it ain't broken, don't fix it. I  still  have a
backup of that template o but for now I  just feel it would be unfair to continue cuz that's like asking readers to change devices because they want to read wives connection? ??
I  loved the new and strongly believe there are a few of us who loved it too but we need to carry everyone and every device along.
So, for now, we revert back to our old free layout. Sorry for all the stress you went through trying to navigate.


  1. OMG! I'm short of words. Thank u for ur understanding. Check d tym m posting ds. Even tho it was diff wt d other template,I still had to come at ds tym n I got ds surprise yaaay. Thanks once again n God will replenish d "dollars" spent. Loads of love.

  2. No wahala Silky sis. Blogging is supposed to be fun not stress reading and stress leaving comments. God will always provide.

  3. Well, for me and some of us who enjoyed the other layout, abeg nor vex. I didn't delete it completely o, just paused :)
    Once sis Silky and others let us know they have ported browsers, we'll do something about it.

  4. Uncle Johnson, Adaeze Writes, Funmy and all of us that loved the paused layout, I beg us to bear with us for now please. Una nor vex for me abeg. The Lord will make a way and give us our heart's desire .

  5. I think the major issue with that new one was that the title had the story had the same font colour. If that can be changed i think its ok. That was the issue i had with that. Just explore it more sure it will fall in place for everyone.

  6. Anonymous4/10/2016

    Yea! I honestly prefer this template because I tried navigating the blog for a special recipe on Friday but I got frustrated and had to go to dobby's blog

  7. Tnks aunty eya. I just didn't want to mount more stress on you as other blog readers were also complaining

  8. Thank u for bringing it back

  9. Thanks for bringing it back. My visitation has reduced before. Because the new template was giving more stress. Just came here now and saw that it's been reverted.

  10. Readers (Customers) are always right. Thanks for listening.

  11. Anonymous4/11/2016

    I love this template too. The new one was giving me stress. Thak u for understanding

  12. Thank you for bringing this back!!!!
    For listening..... :)

  13. I actually have no problem with this template long as I can read all the posts without hassle. Good job aunty Eya.


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