Undateable Stammerer Now Planning A Wedding After Appearing On A Dating Show

Jessica revealed she was approached by two TV researchers walking out of a gym in Angel Islington who asked her if she would be interested in being on the show

Stammering Matthew Oghene who believed he would never find love because of his impediment is now engaged after appearing on a dating show, Read how it happened:

Matthew Oghene, 32, hit it off with success coach Jessica Morrod, 37, on the C4 programme in 2014 hoping to find someone who could see past his speech impediment.
Matthew and Jessica are now looking forward to the their big day after the life model popped the question by the Thames in London - and he didn't stutter once

 Jessica agreed to marry her partner of almost two years and the pair, who were seen getting engaged in a catch-up show in February, are now discussing having a family.

When they met Matthew could hardly get a word out, made a living from his toned physique and was deeply insecure about his intellect.
Meanwhile Jessica was very talkative but was on long-term medication for her thyroid problems and was struggling back from bad health, weight loss and a failed marriage.
She also counted a string of top academics in her previous conquests.

But against all the odds, the couple have now finally decided to tie the knot and the pair are already talking about children.
Speaking out a year and a half after their episode aired, Jessica said: 'We were filmed for over nine hours for the first show on Halloween 2014, which was cut down to less than 10 minutes in the show, and then the same happened last Halloween.
'Every single day we have strangers coming up to us in the street saying how much they like us, how much they like the show and how much Matthew's journey has inspired them, but there's so much more to it we'd love to tell them.